Mike Schuh's Metro Route 15 Data Entry Worksheet

One of Metro's assertions is that the stops proposed for closure are not heavily used. Please help me collect data on actual boardings at each stop by filling out this form. You can print out this page to make data collection easier. I'll post the collected data as quickly as I can.



Where boarded and when:


Where did you get off:


Bus scheduled time at NW 85th


Bus scheduled time at 1st & Union


Bus direction (circle): North South

Express or Local?

Bus Stop

Passengers getting OFF

Passengers getting ON

NW 85th St.



NW 83rd St.



NW 80th St.



NW 77th St.



NW 75th St.



NW 73rd St.



NW 70th St.



NW 67th St.



NW 65th St.



NW 63rd/64th St.



NW 62nd St.



NW 59th St.



NW 57th/58th St.



NW Market St.



NW 53rdth St.

(southbound only)



NW 51st St.



NW Leary Way



Data coding suggestions:

Thank you!

Last update: October 11, 2001 11:34:09 PDT
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