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Metro has closed approximately half of the bus stops between the Ballard Bridge and NW 85th St.
For more details, see Metro's web site (or my local copy).

One of Metro's assertions is that the stops proposed for closure are not heavily used. Please help me collect data on actual boardings at each stop by filling out this form. You can print out this page to make data collection easier.

Note: This is no longer relevant, as the stops have been closed. I'd like to thank those who contributed data.
The collected data is available as raw data.

Help spread the word! You can print out copies of my flyer, either as a Word document or as HTML.
We had until October 12th, 2001, to comment on this proposal.

Metro sent out a response announcing their decision. I wasn't sent one - I got this copy from Larry Phillip's office (and I know of at least one other passenger who submitted comments but wasn't sent a copy).

I have requested information from Metro on this (I used a "Freedom of Information" request, as they seemed to have lost the letter I faxed them on October 12th). The first collection of data that they sent me is this PDF file. It is interesting that in their letter to me they indicated how many responses were for (6) and against (30, or 81%!) the propoal, but in the public letter of November 1st they did not.

Thank you!

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