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About the Project

The Seattle Monorail Project has developed the following operation assumptions:

Hours of Operation
The monorail will likely operate at least 19 hours per day, 365 days per year. Trains will run every 4-5 minutes at peak hours, 8-10 minutes off-peak; could add trains to run every 2 minutes.

Starting capacity will be at least 3000 people per hour per direction with capability to double to 6000; will provide 69,000 rides per weekday (391,000 per week, 20 million per year).

Travel Time
The estimated time to travel the entire Green Line is about 30 minutes; will travel from Ballard to Westlake in 11 minutes and from West Seattle to Pioneer Square in 12 minutes; Average speed will be 20-30 mph with top speed of 50 mph in some locations.

Service Life
The vehicles used for the Green Line will be designed to run for 30 years or 3,000,000 miles.

The Green Line system reliability goal is 99.5 percent.

The Green Line will be fully automated, with independent computers checking all control decisions. The system will be designed to accommodate safety concerns and emergencies, with system attendants and security staff.

Designed for easy connections with other transit and transportation modes.