Mike Schuh's Transportation Page

I have a keen interest in local transportation issues.

Here are some of the topics and what I have written about them:
An alternative to building SMP's Green Line
Arguments against building Seattle Monorail Project's proposed Green Line - or any other urban monorail
Why to support I-83> (which failed)

I have some ideas on how to extend the light rail system currently under construction:

A common theme in the above exhortations is the construction today of switches/turnouts to facilitate future expansion of the first phase. There is such a turnout just south of the International District station which is the contemplated point of departue for future rail across the I-90 floating bridge. As there are "obvious" places where additional rail lines would branch off of the one now being built, why not install the needed switches today? It will be cheaper and a lot easier than adding them later (suspend service, cut into existing track, etc.).

My sketch of how a commuter rail station could have been integrated into the design of Benaroya Hall.

(more coming - page under construction...)

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