Mike Schuh's Treasure Island Landing Force Report

It all started at the Lake City contra dance on September 16th, when Larry Bommarita announced that he had a part in Tacoma Little Theater's production of "Treasure Island". He was cast in the role of Long John Silver.

When I got home from the dance that evening, I sent out the following message:

Hi all,

As those of you who were at the Thursday night contra heard, our very own
Larry Bommarito has been cast in Tacoma Little Theater's production of
"Treasure Island".  Naturally, as soon as Larry shared this with us, Meg
Wilkinson and I immediately realized that we will have to organize a group
to go see it.  I mean, that's just all there is to it.

The play opens November 12th and closes December 12th (or 13th, depending
on where one looks on the website), with shows Fridays, Saturdays, and
Sundays.  I propose that we assemble a small landing party, most likely 
containing SCDEF veterans (see http://www.farmdale.com/dance/yakima-2003-05.shtml),
and see the show en mass.  At first glance, the two Saturdays in December 
look like the best bets (no dance conflicts, etc.), but we could make it 
just about any night or Sunday matinee`.

Any takers?  Any other ideas?  Please let me know if you're interested, 
and I'll send out a second mailing (with everyone's e-mail addresses 
visible) and we'll start getting tickets and car pools.

See http://www.tacomalittletheatre.com/ for details.

By the proverbial way, I think it would be most fun if we all showed up 
with out Larry knowing about it ahead of time... but that's just me.

Thanks.  We now return you to seattlecontra, which is still discussing style.

The response was amazing, and in time grew to 50. Yes, 50 of us went en mass to see "Treasure Island".
From Nora Muller afterward:
Thank you for a wonderful event Saturday night. Larry was truly, completely surprised, and so happy that you all made the effort to come see his show, to come to the party afterward, and to keep it all a secret! A special thank-you to Mike for putting it all together so beautifully.
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