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A warning for spammers: I reside in Washington State, and am registered as such. Hence, unsolicited junk mail addressed to me is covered under Washington State law, and such actions are subject to litigation.

See Bruce Miller's page for information on how he has been able to collect damages from spammers.

Also see this discussion of small claims courts and how they can be used to fight spam. An article from the Washington Post describes the success of three different spam fighters, including Bennett Haselton (mug shot) of PeaceFire. He has won judgements in several cases, worth at least $2,000. See articles from Wired and SeattleInsider.

The Spamhaus project also fights spam. Other sites:
an angry spam fighter
Maryland's law
Abuse-practices list
SpamCon Foundation
http://www.orbz.org (now off the air)
http://combat.uxn.com http://www.arin.net/whois/ to identify contacts for IP numbers

These sites discuss various ways to automatically detect and filter spam:

What are those spam messages with a bunch of random words? Here's one theory: http://spam.gunters.org/?p=176&c=1
Here's one spammer who is not going out of business because of the "CAN SPAM" law.
A list of resources from a discussion of how one sysadmin fights a million spam messages/day.
An excellent site: http://spam.gunters.org/
Here is a paper that discusses "poisoning" adaptive (Bayesian) filters: http://www.sophos.com/sophos/docs/eng/papers/WP_PMFool_US.pdf

The Tinhat site discusses spam, privacy, and security for the non-technical user.

The http://www.spamlaws.com/us.html web site has references to various anti-spam laws. The site includes a copy of the Washington State Supreme Court's review of Washington's law, which has a brief overview of the term "spam", including a quote from Monty Python and a reference to Hormel Foods Corporation's spam web site.

smallclaim.info has information on how to sue for damages in small claims courts.

FORWARD YOUR SPAM: The US Federal Trade Comission monitors the spam situation on behalf of the US government and has requested that you forward every spam you get to: uce@ftc.gov. Remember to include the complete header data.

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