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If I were to ever run a personals ad, it'd probably look something like this:

SM seeks SF, from, say, 18 to ca. 60 (for the right person). You are intelligent (95th percentile or better) and physically active (especially in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, biking, but also folk dancing). Please be between about 5'4" and 5'11", and "HWP". I have three cats (Max 'n Min and Mel - Mix is no longer with us requiescat in pace), and it is important that you tolerate, nay, enjoy cats (and old Warner Brothers cartoons). I think analytically, which can simultaneously be useful, infuriating, entertaining, and critically important: please tolerate this as well. Having a sense of humor is important, and please don't have a massive debt load. Education, responsible job, an interest in children - these are all good things. I don't smoke, drink, nor do I do "recreational pharmceuticals" - if you do, plan on doing them without me. I tend towards liberal politics, but am also attracted to the "smaller government" aspects of the conserative side.
Applications welcome.

Yes, I am an engineer, and I don't mind saying so even if it carries a social stigma as Scott Adams asserts:

"Fortunately, engineers have an ace in the hole. They are widely recognized as superior marriage material: intelligent, dependable, honest, and handy around the house. While it's true that many normal people would prefer not to date an engineer, most normal people harbor an intense desire to mate with them, thus producing engineerlike children who will have high-paying jobs long before losing their virginity." - The Dilbert Principle
From The Humour Vault:
Top Ten Reasons to Date an Engineer
  1. Complimentary Tutoring
  2. Large Earning Potential
  3. Can handle stress and strain in relationships
  4. Know all the dynamics of relative motion
  5. Learn about the benefits of friction and viscosity
  6. FREE body diagrams
  7. Always back up their hard drives
  8. Trained to do it right the first time
  9. Specialized in experimentation
  10. Can go all night with no hint of fatigue
For more on engineers, please see my collection of engineer-mathematician-physicist jokes.

I once signed my e-mail with "Looking for Beryl Markham, or someone like her". If you have read her book "West with the Night" then, perhaps, you understand what I mean.

Like myself, this ad is a work in progress...

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