Mike Schuh's professional background

An overview of my background and qualifications as a Software Engineer:
  • 1996 Graduate of Seattle University's Master of Software Engineering program. Concluding work was a year-long team project.
  • 15 years experience with UNIX and C. (including various UNIX utilities and writing shell scripts)
  • 6 years experience with Perl.
  • 5 years experience teaching using UNIX.
  • 4 years experience UNIX system administration.
  • Recently employed as a system administrator supporting a national network delivering location information for wireless 911 calls, and as a lead software engineer for a e-mail to fax system (supervising two employees); also recently employed writing dynamic web pages (Perl CGI scripts).
  • Previously employed as a system administrator for a network with over 20 Sun (Solaris) UNIX systems.
  • Have also used FORTRAN and various assemblers (Z80. MC68000, others).
  • Exposed to other languages (Smalltalk, Prolog, Modula2, etc.).
  • And - of course - experience with HTML.

    A more detailed resume can be sent on request.

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