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The Beginning

In 1986 I proposed that the orienteering clubs in the Western United States organize and annually host a regional championship. This idea was enthusiastically received by the western clubs, and the first event was held that year in Colorado.

At that meet, representatives from the western clubs met and agreed on several concepts for future events:

Note that beyond the sanctioning process required for an A meet, there is no involvement by USOF in the Westerns. In particular, the Westerns are not a "bid event" (see USOF Rule 7.2.1). Also, there was confusion at the outset that the "Western States" created a new USOF region. The Western States Orienteering Championships has nothing to do with USOF regions! Regional championships take place independent of the Westerns.

Founding Westerners

At the 1986 meet in Nederland, the following representatives of western orienteering clubs met and agreed on the above items:
As soon as I find the sign in sheet (yes, I still have it), I'll finish filling in this list.
Mike SchuhCOC

The Gap

It was my intent that at each year's championships, the host club would convene a brief meeting of representatives from the western clubs. The primary purpose of this meeting would be to choose the host for the event two years later (see the above discussion). I modeled this after the Asia-Pacific Orienteering Championships, where representatives from the various countries choose the host of the APOC four years away. My hope was that each hosting club would take responsibility for this meeting and chair it. Well, it didn't quite work out this way.

There is more to the story, which I will add when I unearth my references.

The Present (2002) and Future

In December 2001, Sergey Velichko (with my acquiescence) proclaimed himself "Westerns States Orienteering Championships Benevolent Dictator" (a title I had used while discussing alternative organizational models) and decreed CTOC host for the 2002 event. No one objected (least of all me) and many cheered.

This arrangement (one person deciding which club will host each year's event) can work, but it is rather fragile as it depends upon that individual. The other models have failed, so I'm not sure what might be better than a "benevolent dictator". Perhaps there could be a "Western States Regional Council" that would oversee the Westerns as well as provide a forum for regional issues (mapping support, land use, scheduling, publicity, etc.). The council could meet at each year's Westerns and, um ...

Suggestions welcomed.

Past (and future) events

Since inception, the Westerns have been held nearly every year (see discussion above).
In the table below, if the year is a link, it leads to results.
If the date is a link, it leads to on-line information about the event.
Other links lead to a Yahoo! maps map of the venue,
information about the competition map(s), and the host club's home page.

I am still collecting information for this table.
Meet Information
Venue Map Information Host
From Club EventFinder
1986 July 19-20 Nederland, CO Kelly Dahl &
Observatory &
Kelly Dahl
RMOC First A meet in Colorado
1987   San Diego? I am still gathering information for this year.
1988(?) ? Orcas Island, WA Moran State Park Moran State Park COC In the San Juan Islands,
southeast of Eastsound
1989 I am still gathering information for these years. Assistance welcomed!
1993 July(?) Donner Pass, CA Boreal Ridge Boreal Ridge BAOC  
1994 I am still gathering information for this year.
1995 August 12-13 Roslyn, WA Bullfrog Flats Bullfrog Flats SAMM  
1996 February 17-18 Tucson, AZ Chimney Rock Chimney Rock
(Redington Pass)
TSN First A meet in Arizona
1997 October 25-26 Santa Rosa, CA Annadel State Park Annadel State Park BAOC  
1998 November 14-15 Big Basin, CA Big Basin State Park Big Basin State Park BAOC  
1999 September 18-19 Fishtrap, WA Fishtrap Fishtrap EWOC  
2000 No Western States Orienteering Championships were held these years
2002 August 17-18 McCall, ID Thorn Creek Thorn Creek CTOC First A meet in Idaho
2003 June 21-22 Cle Elum, WA Teanaway Forks & Lick Creek
Cle Elum area venues
Teanaway Forks & Lick Creek COC opening weekend of PNWOF 2003
2004 June 5-6 South Lake Tahoe, CA Spooner Lake & Fallen Leaf Spooner Lake & Fallen Leaf BAOC
2005 August 20-21 Cle Elum, WA Teanaway West & Cle Elum Ridge
Cle Elum area venues
Teanaway West & Cle Elum Ridge COC opening weekend of PNWOF 2005
2006 Available!
Thanks to Ross Burnet (Yukon Orienteering) for some of the information in this table.

A list of individual champions, etc., is on the statistics page.

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