Mike Schuh - O' in all 50 states

I have a goal of orienteering in each of the 50 states. Here is my progress to date:
(I am in the process of gathering information for this table; there might be a few errors in the dates below)
(If the date is a link, it leads to on line results. If the venue name is a link, it leads to information about the map.)
State First O' meet First A meet
DateVenue DateVenue
Alabama March 12, 1983 Oak Mtn. St. Park, Birmingham
Alaska June 20, 1994 Bicentennial Park, Anchorage June 22-23, 1994 Bicentennial Park, Anchorage
Arizona February 17-18, 1996 Chimney Rock, Redington Pass, Tucson
California May(?) 1980 Dog Valley, Truckee
Colorado April 12, 1975School of Mines survey field, Golden July 19-20, 1987 Kelly Dahl and Observatory, Nederland
Connecticut October 24, 1998 Pond Mountain, Kent
Delaware October 25, 1997 Iron Hill, Newark June 26, 1999 Iron Hill, Newark
Florida   Wekiva Springs, Orlando
Georgia April 2, 1983 Bull Sluice Lake, Atlanta January 23-24, 1993 Misletoe State Park, Augusta
Idaho Spring 1981 Hatter Creek, Moscow August 17-18, 2002 Thorn Creek, McCall
Illinois March 19-20, 1983 Giant City, Carbondale
Indiana June 5, 1981Maple Ave. & Rose Hulman, Terre Haute (night) June 1981 Yellowwood St. Forest, Belmont
Kansas April 18-20, 1981 Fort Leavenworth and Theodore Naish Scout Reservation
Kentucky 1995(?) Otter Crk SP (?)
Louisiana   Nachotoish (sp?)
Maine September 25-26, 2004 Maine & Maritime Champs, Pinelands
Maryland April 8-9, 1995 Patuxent River Park, Baden
Massachusetts 1983(?) Mt. Tom (?)
Michigan September 25, 1983 Pickney Recreation Area, Ann Arbor
Minnesota  Minneapolis
Missouri   Hawn State Park(?)
Montana June 11, 1995 Hood Creek/Hyalite Resevoir, Bozeman
Nevada September 25-26, 1999 US Championships, Spooner Lake, Tahoe
New Hampshire June 27, 1985 Plymouth School (night) June 29-30, 1985 Smart's Brook
New Jersey April 17, 1993 Ramapo Mtn.
New Mexico October 18, 2003 Rendija Canyon East, Los Alamos
New York 1983Ward Pound Ridge
North Carolina April 7, 1990 Duke Forest, Korstian Division, Durham
North Dakota
Ohio March 19-20, 1994 Caesar Creek State Park
Oklahoma November 8, 2003 Connors State College Ranch, Warner
Oregon 1981 (?)Calf Creek, Prineville (?) August, 2005 Dutchman Flat, Bend (PNWOF2005)
Pennsylvania October 16, 1982 French Creek West
Rhode Island 1987(?) George Washington Management Area
South Carolina March 15-16, 1997 Kings Mtn. State Park
South Dakota
Texas 1983Houston  Houston
Utah September 13, 2003 Soldier Hollow
Vermont September 21-22, 2002 Beaver Brook Farm
Virginia November 7-8, 1992 Prince William Forest Park, Quantico
Washington1978 Seward Park, Seattle August 12-13, 1995 Bullfrog Pond & Bullfrog Flats, Roslyn
West Virginia
Wisconsin 1983 Telemark ski area, Cable
Wyoming 1999Laramie
total 41
(includes A meets)
CO: The event in 1975 was my first ever O' meet.
KY: I took a "red eye" flight from Seattle to get to this meet. However, my commuter flight connection was cancelled and by the time I took the next flight and drove to the meet site, everyone had started. I begged for a copy of my map and ran the course on my own. This wasn't an official result...

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