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I was surprised to discover that this page was accessed 120 times during the first 11 days of April, 2001. This is a page that I created in 1994, the first such orienteering web page in the Pacific Northwest. There is an "official" club page for Cascade OC and an unofficial one for the region. These pages on my personal site do not get much maintenance...

Cascade Orienteering Club was founded in 1977 and is the oldest and largest orienteering club in Washington State. A charter member of the Washington State Orienteering Association (WSOA), COC works closely with other orienteering clubs in western Washington, British Columbia (OABC), and throughout the region. (OABC has at times been the largest of Canada's provinical orienteering associations. The member clubs host several good events, including the annual SAGE Stomp in Kamloops and the Island Series out of Victoria.) We used to operate an Orienteering Hotline which provide recorded information on events in the greater Seattle area as well as events of regional interest. However, this has been discontinued in favor of the club's web page.

COC is a non-profit corporation, with US IRS 501(c)3 status. Our mailing address is:

Cascade Orienteering Club
Post Office Box 31375
Seattle, Washington 98103-0375

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  • training (the training information page is maintained by members of the Husky OC)
  • list of maps (this now uses my EventFinder)
  • newsletter
  • bylaws (ASCII text) (MS Word) November 1997 revision (HTML) (HTML version courtesy of Don Denbo
  • charter and articles of incorporation (not available yet)
  • club history and accomplishments
  • Written by: Mike Schuh