Learn Contra Dancing

Hi! Thank you for checking out the web page for our class, Learn Contra Dancing, to be offered through the ASUW Experimental College.

There is one more offering of the class remaining in Spring quarter: Friday May 15th, 7:00 - 9:30 PM, in the University District.

We have reduced the fees: they are now $6 for UW students, and $10 for general public (these are in addition to the registration fee).

The class will start with a demonstration of contra dancing, and then the students will be paired up with experienced volunteers to learn the basics of dancing in a long ways contra dance set. We hope to have enough volunteers so that the students will get a chance to dance with an experienced partner for most of the dances (we were able to do this in the last class).

There will be more information here when I get a chance to update it...

To take the class, you must register with the Experimental College. Please call them for more information: 206-543-4375. To register by phone, please call 206-68-LEARN.

Thank you!

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