Contra/Country Dance Markup Language Project Who's Who

This is a list of the folks working on this project, all volunteers. Contact Mike Schuh (address below) to join in.

Name Location Dance Activities* Profession CDML Involvement e-mail address
Mike Schuh Seattle contra dance caller, composer software engineer instigator, web page maintainer schuh
Kiran Wagle Washington, DC contra dancer, maintains massive contra dance web page entropy
Greg Hopkins Seattle contra dancer; creator of the contra dance computer game computer professional,
mortgage loan officer
John D'Ausilio somewhere in the woods near Boone, NC dancer, would-be caller, frustrated banjo player computer scientist (of the Java/OO sort) maintains our listserver john
John Gallagher Seattle caller, composer
Bob Archer Seattle caller, composer bob
Eric Conrad Columbus, OH caller, composer graduate student,
Department of Mathematics,
The Ohio State University
Michael Dyck Vancouver, BC contra dance caller,
software developer jmdyck
William Watson
Your name here
*"Caller" implies "dancer".

Last update: February 24, 2006 10:37:19 PST
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